Thursday, January 31, 2013

Get the Scoop on Tabata Training!

Izumi Tabata is the founder of Tabata training. It was developed in Japan after Izumi decided to compare moderate intensity training with high intensity training and discovered that high intensity training had the most benefit! There are two main types of energy systems in the human body: anaerobic and aerobic. The aerobic system utilizes oxygen to create energy, while the anaerobic system does not. To understand this better, picture an aerobic athlete as a marathon runner and an anaerobic athlete as a 100m sprinter.

What Izumi Tabata realized is, by doing high intensity exercise, you can increase both of these energy systems! By only doing moderate intensity exercise, you only increase your aerobic system. Now, why do the exercise intensity that doesn’t give you the most bang for your buck? It just doesn’t make sense girls and boys! Efficiency and effectiveness! That’s what we’re after.

So how does it go?
Well, since it involves high intensity training, you will be doing movements that are challenging and really get your heart rate up. Weights can be utilized to make the workout even more exciting and effective. Movements may vary from jumping jacks to high knees to push ups, etc. There’s really no limit. What you can guarantee is that you will get one serious workout and that it will only do your body good!
A Tabata workout is usually set up like this:
4 minutes in duration
20 seconds intense training
10 seconds rest
8 rounds

Give it a shot and see if it’s for you! It’s a workout that can be done at home as well, but I recommend that you do it in a group of class setting because it’s tough and the support and competitiveness of your peers will only help you! We will be offering it at our Tone You Up facility so come check it out!

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