Friday, March 6, 2015

Your emotions can affect your weight.

Nothing is worse than being depressed and hurt from relationship woes. Who would have known that it could have a profound affect on your weight and your health. We've heard of the girl with the broken heart that dives into the pint of chocolate ice cream or eats an entire box of chocolates. Honestly, who could blame her? Comfort food is comforting and eating normally brings back some sense of nostalgia. It's not so great though, after months of sulking and eating (comfort foods) you gain 15-20 pounds. 

As wonderful as it feels to eat all that yummy food when we are down, we are really hurting ourselves. First, we should never use anything as a crutch to make us feel better, wether it be food, alcohol or drugs. We should always try to focus on what is causing the pain and get rid of it.

I have experienced deep pain before and I have resorted to both methods. I must say in my experience; I always felt much better when I went to the gym or a dance class rather than indulge in alcohol and chocolates. 

My best and dearest friend just went through a very difficult divorce. She was in love with who she believed, was the man of her dreams. She was happy, exercised regularly, ran a profitable business, remained healthy and brightened whatever room she was in. Unfortunately, one day she discovered that her husband was cheating on her with many different women. She was heart broken and crushed and that began her demise. She tried for a year to mend the marriage but he continued to lie and see one of the other women. I watched as my dear friend cried, ate junk, slept for days at a time and I even witnessed her gain an alarming 50 pounds. I tried to help her by taking her to the gym, going out, talking and doing whatever it took to get my friend back.

Since her weight gain she was diagnosed with some health issues and was severely depressed. She finally got fed up of being fat, depressed and even got sick and tired of eating ice cream and chocolates. She started healing by eating right, going back to the gym and getting out of the house again. After about 9 months of getting herself back together she lost 67 pounds and looks better than ever! The best part is that her cheating ex got exactly what he deserved..... He lost her!

Be good to yourself even when the pain is so tremendous that you feel worthless! Take care of your mind and body and don't pollute either one with negative thoughts, habits, activities or people.

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